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198 Eskiflurr by on @DeviantArt

Delphim - The Gracious Pokemon - (WATER TYPE) SKILL: Swift Swim HIDDEN: Cute Charm Delphim pokemon are typically sighted in the coastal ranges of North Maohi, prefer the warm waters and make their .

Steel evolvement-noiceeeeee

Eevee —> Wireon Steel Evolves from Eevee when leveled up while holding a Metal Coat. Artist: Rueme one of the better ideas for a steel eeveelution

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I read it in a stupid French accent in my head and it made me laugh so hard

Pokemon X and Y New Eeveelution

Laveon rock/fire level up eevee at max happiness while holding a king's rock/hard stone

Snow flake fakemon by on @DeviantArt—Ice types are so gorgeous ^.^ the one on the right's head kinda looks like a Mawile

A primeira forma parece um Klefki e a segunda forma uma Mawile

New Snow Leopard Fakemon by Twime777 ... pokemon, made up, snow, leopard, fakemon

A Pokemon based on a Great Auk. Name: "Weeppuff" = "Weep" because it cries a lot and "Puff" because it resembles a puffin and can also puff up its feathers. Auquapura = A mix of "Auk" and "Aq.