I think this must of been a difficult wire to do, as there a lot of bends to do. But I do like the design of it.

The material provides contrast to the soft and fluffy subject. The fact it stands on a wire circle is different. I prefer it to wire feet.

Scribbled Wire Sculptures by David Oliveira

Lisbon-born sculptor David Oliveira creates delicate figurative sculptures using wire that’s formed to look like manically drawn ink sketches. Some pieces are hung by invisible filament creating the illusion of hovering in place.

The Essence of Life by millenium-night.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Showing a dinosaur fetus surrounded by its safe egg shell from which a DNA-like structure emerges, this is a sculpture I made for art class. The Essence of Life

These Wire Fairy Sculptures Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Artist Robin Wight creates incredible stainless steel wire fairy sculptures that enchant any garden or outdoor area they grace. Based out of Staffordshire, England, the artist’s handmade sculptures are uniquely crafted to their environment.