Mathemagician in training.
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So fluffy :3

My next addition to the family will be : a White Maine Coon. I had a Maine Coon/orange tabby mix named Mellow who's been missing for a year this May Sweetest cat I ever had. I will have me another one day♥: Cats, Beautiful Cat, Kitty Cat, Pretty

Seven fluffy rescued ducklings.

A Man Rescues Ducklings Moments After Their Mother Is Killed By A Car

Attack of the roly-polies.

Funny pictures about Tuck and roll. Oh, and cool pics about Tuck and roll. Also, Tuck and roll.

Under a towel is the best place to hide.

What a sweetly fierce little feline i think any cat lover and many dog lovers would find him her adorable.

What glorious coloring.

Somali "Prowling his own quiet backyard, or asleep by the fire,, he is but a whisker away from the wilds.