Why Tattooing Is Universal - Olga Khazan - The Atlantic

Why Tattooing Is Universal

Frankfurt, Germany New Zealand's ethnic Maori Metini Mitai Ngatai poses prior to the official opening of the world's largest book fair in Frankfurt on October (Ralph Orlowski/Reuters)

In India, Hindu Gods Get a Muscular Makeover - a new body ideal for the common Indian?

The Gods Seem to Have Been Working Out

In new comics, paintings and popular books, depictions of Hindu deities are being reimagined.

China plans 'Christian theology'

China plans 'Christian theology'

China plans its own 'Christian theology' - BBC News

Eyebrows, Why? The cultural, historical and biological look at the importance of eyebrows.

Eyebrows, Why

From our July 2014 Intro Psych Newsletter >> Eyebrows, Why: Our eyebrows aren’t just aesthetic. They are instrumental in helping us communicate, mourn, and even stay alive. - The Atlantic