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These 10 easy ways to make your home smell good and fresh are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these GREAT tips! Now I have a great way to make my home smell great with these smell hacks! Definitely pinning!
Method – 2: (Baking Soda and Lemon Juice for Dark Spots) Both lemon and baking soda have natural bleaching and skin lightening property that fades away the spots or scars on the skin and shines it with an even skin tone.
Get 8 mini anchor charts to help teach your students about the 8 parts of speech. These mini anchor charts are a great addition to any student journal.
Get these 8 grammar mini anchor charts to glue in your students interactive writing journals. They are a great resource to help your students remember some important grammar rules. Topics included: Punctuation Rules, Capitalization Rules, Comma Rules, Quotation Marks, Subject and Verb Agreement, Subject and Predicate, and Compound and Complex Sentences!
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Baking soda uses for kitchen cleaning | how to clean kitchen appliances stove tops, oven, dishwasher, fridge, towels, grout, floors, and more with baking soda!
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30 ways to cut your spending and save thousands. If you implement these tricks and tips, you'll definitely be on the road to saving thousands!