I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!: Outdoor Music Wall

Outdoor Music Wall I'm a Teacher Get Me Outside Here Juliet shows us how one preschool added a music wall to their outdoor environment.

Mairtown Kindergarten: Using collaborative learning to make an Egyptian sistrum

World of Sound (Elective): Sistrum - Beautiful Egyptian instrument created with sticks from Mairtown Kindergarten (",)

The magic of transition songs

I was leaving the playground relaxed, happy and well-attached to my children; the other parents were leaving frazzled, angry, and with a bre.

Stainless steel cymbals - CRASH!

Turn Scrap Metal into Musical Instruments: Sourcing and Choosing Metal

Extraordinary Classroom: Sound is Everywhere!

How many times do you hear a particular sound, or find yourself singing a really old son.

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