MICROSCOPIC - Jessica Palmer has a PhD in Molecular Biology and has been blogging about the intersection of art and biology since 2006.

Alan Bur Johnson makes delicate clustered sculptures that consist of transparencies in silver frames mounted on dissection pins

Buamai - Bubble Drawings / Charlotte X. C. Sullivan

Nokia Chalk Art Buamai - Bubble Drawings : Charlotte X. Sullivan Street art by Smug

Lies Your Dermatologist Told You: Save on Cleanser + Splurge on Moisturizer

INSPIRATION Even if you made an ordered foam, the evolution processes would quickly introduce disorder.

"Asvirus 37" by Derek Lerner, original pen and ink #drawing #map #topography

ARTFINDER: Asvirus 37 by Derek Lerner - 2012 ink on paper mounted to wood panel x 8 x in. Wood panel is a re-purposed/recycled/reused/reclaimed cigar box and ready to hang.

The Clocksmiths Mood - 5/8 -

Buamai - Bubble Drawings : Charlotte X. Sullivan ES - inspiration for layout design of bubbles on poster

Desmond Paul Henry, camera less photography

Cameraless Photography - British Pioneer of Computer Art.