Lovely atmospheric photograph of Waterloo Place, London in 1899 by the Belgian photographer Leonard Misonne

Waterloo Place, London in 1899 - by Belgian photographer Leonard Misonne - (vintage lady, old photo, victorian era)

Railway guard London, 1916

edwardian-time-machine: “ London, 1916 - “The war gave women a rare chance to show their equal worth in highly responsible jobs such as guard seen here. As soon as the war finished these jobs became.

Sixties chic ...mod, hush puppies, mini-skirt, white boots, Lambretta SX 200

Mod Revival

Our latest Style Sheet looks at the mod subculture of the for inspiration. So grab the harrington, polish up the wing mirrors and get some mod style.

Matchgirls participating in a strike against Bryant & May in London, 1888. The strike was caused by the poor working conditions in the match factory, including fourteen-hour work days and the severe health complications of working with white phosphorus.

Shared comment: Victorian match girls 1888 worked in terrible conditions, 14 hours a day for very little wages. Phosphorous used in making matches caused hair and teeth loss, yellowing of skin and phossy jaw, a type of facial bone cancer.

Match Seller, Greenwich 1884, London

Match Seller, Greenwich London victorian era london was a very harsh environment for young children living in poverty

A rainy night on Oxford Street, London in 1960

A young couple seek a tender moment in a doorway. London, 1960 © Philip J. Griffiths / I'm here with you.