By Jim Dine, tools. This is my favorite drawing from Jim Dine because of the proportions that are used within the drawing itself. The proportions and shading makes the tools look realistic.

Portland – based photographer Jim Golden started a series of still life photographs featuring colossal collections of everyday objects. The series is a massive visual delight making each viewer notice the minute details of every object in the photographs.

Still Life Photography by Jim Golden

Portland – based photographer Jim Golden Like the order within the chaos. Differences within the same sort of object and the colour segmentation.

Great mark making and emphasis

OBSERVATIONAL STILL LIFE: Emphasis through mark making. The artist has made a choice to develop one section of the drawing - pulling the viewers eye to the telephone.

C r e a t i v e W o n d e r: The simple things in life . . . realistic . . . and moving . . . James Neil Hollingsworth . Atlanta . Georgia

Portrait of a fork. A gorgeous, contemplative painting that ruminates on forkness.

Jeanne Illenye. Another self-taught artist. My favorite kind.

sterling silver spoons orange blossom lily oil painting, painting by artist JEANNE ILLENYE

Florence Henri, Still Life (Tin Can and Shell), about 1932

Florence Henri Still Life (Tin Can and Shell), 1932 Untitled, 1932 Still life with pineapple and cactus, 1931 Florence Henri was a photographer and artist.

Martin Senn

These have so much movement -- line drawings in three-d. Playful Three-Dimensional Wire Sculptures - My Modern Metropolis contemporary wirework installation typewriter