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a stack of tea cups sitting on top of each other
Florian Gadsby on Instagram: "Stacked wares, balanced rather securely thanks to all the flat-topped lids found in my work. Happy Friday to you all, I enjoyed assembling this totem of pots and it has given me a few ideas about presenting work, although actually displaying it like this, whilst interesting, is highly impractical. Unless is a very secure case where nobody can touch it. Each pot is coated with the same, two percent red iron oxide feldspathic crackle glaze that’s heavily reduction fi
a stack of vases sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Florian Gadsby on Instagram: "Stacked bowls, small ones this time, each thrown from half a pound of stoneware clay, 226 grams, and trimmed to just about half that, that might sound nice and light but thereafter the thick glaze goes on, which certainly adds back to the featherlight form. I spent today glazing dozens of these, amongst other forms, I clasp them tightly between tongs, but not too tightly as they will crack and break if squeezed too hard, then they’re dunked, removed from the glaze,
a person is making a vase out of clay with a small tool in their hand
Florian Gadsby on Instagram: "Trimming porcelain is an entirely different experience as compared to trimming the stoneware I normally work with. It’s incredible what a tiny amount of grog, the coarse particles that are mixed into the stoneware, can do. It provides some feedback, a haptic response to pressing the turning blades into the clay and I find I miss that immensely. Nonetheless, I do always get used to it, and I can reach a finesse with porcelain that’s just unfeasible to do with stonewa
there are many cups sitting on the table
Simple cylindrical vases, thrown from three different weights of clay, turned quickly when leather hard to a relative straight edge and…
three vases with one small flower in them
Florian Gadsby
a table topped with plates and vases filled with flowers next to each other on top of a white surface
florian gadsby
a blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant in it
Florian Gadsby
several plates and bowls on a wooden table
Florian Gadsby via Instagram
four cups and one teapot on a white surface with a spoon next to them
Gallery — florian gadsby
A gallery of Florian Gadsby's work.
a blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a plant in it
Florian Gadsby
three brown cups sitting on top of a wooden table
Gas-fired Ceramic Shino Yunomi Tea Cup / Florian Gadsby
a green and blue bowl sitting on top of a wooden table
some cups and spoons are sitting on a wooden tray
two vases with flowers in them sitting on a white counter top next to each other
Gallery — florian gadsby
two gray cups sitting next to each other on a white counter top with a teapot in the background
“A group of crackle glazed pots, reduction fired to cone nine, crash cooled to one-thousand.""
a blue plate sitting on top of a stone block
The top of a slightly concave, green crackle glazed plate, an unfortunate second but one of my own doing. While from above it seems fine, I fired this pot on a prop that didn't quite cover the entire span on its foot-ring, it extended out on each side, by only a few millimeters, but it was enough to induce some rather incredible warping and undulating, at least I'll know never to do it again. A slight undulation works nicely on a pot, if one side of the rim dips slightly, creating a soft wave...
pottery being made in a potter's wheel with other bowls on the table behind it
Boards of bowls thickly thrown as theyll have much of the excess clay faceted away and a small lug handle scored and slipped on such as the tan example perched above the wheel centrally. Most of the work done on these is done after throwing. They must be turned to remove the exterior throwing rings and clean up the bases. Faceted with a wooden spokeshave and then have a lug attached. Time consuming pieces to finish the actual throwing is the fastest part as the forms themselves are very basic.
a man working on a potter's wheel
Forty-thousand followers absolutely nuts. I cant thank you all enough for the continued support and encouragement. It gives me so much motivation and makes the future seem very exciting. I truly appreciate it.x Throwing a board of backward leaning pint jugs one of the newer pieces of the standard ware Ive been attempting. Still not perfect but theyre getting closer to the preferred form set by Lisa. Its a difficult shape with very precise curves. As a form its very figurative and has a pron...
three white cups and saucers are sitting on a table with spoons in them
a stack of cups sitting on top of each other in front of a white wall
Welcome to everyone whose started following along today. Seems like quite a number so thank you sincerely! Heres a few stacks of finished faceted creamers like those shown in the video posted yesterday. The creamers are part of the standard ware I help Lisa Hammond make at Maze Hill Pottery. As her apprentice I throw a range of the functional ware that includes mugs espresso cups bowls beer cups jugs to name a few. Alongside throwing this range I help manage and run the studio mix all the clays
three cups and two spoons on a table
A collection of my white and green crackle glazed work reduction fired to cone nine. The bowl rests upon my favourite soda fired plate made by @dejima_masaki during his residency with us at Maze Hill Pottery at the beginning of the year. Along with two lovely wooden spoons by @grainandknot. Over the last year Ive been slowly building up a collection of pots spoons and other handmade objects and its become a guilty pleasure of mine to arrange and photograph them. Weve just about come to the ...
there are many cups and spoons on the table
A selection of crackle glazed pieces three mugs and a small creamer. One of my favourite qualities of this particular glaze is how it breaks on sharp edges especially on the rims of pots. During the firing as it reaches top temperatures the glaze on the surface of the pot essentially becomes a very thick viscous liquid. As it melts the glaze moves downward away from any sharp edges. It isnt the same for every glaze and some have much higher tendencies to do it a classic tenmoku being one of the
several gray vases are lined up on a workbench with tools and other items
Pulling handles on small leaning back jugs. These are one of the more recent standard ware forms Ive been throwing for Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery they will be soda fired and on our stand at Ceramic Art London in a weeks time. These are tiny pots the miniature version of the larger pint jugs I throw and the taller ones Lisa makes. A pain to make as the shape restricts access to form the belly because of their tight necks my fingers barely fit through so much of the work is done with a thr
a close up of a person holding a cup in one hand and a mug in the other
Out of all the forms I’ve thrown and handled for the soda fired standard ware range I help Lisa Hammond produce at Maze Hill Pottery, these espresso cups are likely the one I’ve made the most of, totaling thousands easily. This video shows the technique I use for pulling, attaching and re-pulling handles. I begin by pulling a long length of clay, enough to separate into six to seven handle stubs at a go. It’s a sort of like a conveyer belt, I leave the final handle attached to the larger blo...
a teapot and cup sitting on a table next to a wooden utensil
Florian Gadsby - Insta
a blue bowl sitting on top of a wooden table
The interior of a recently fired green crackle glazed bowl with some lovely iron blossoms piercing through the surface. I've finished all three of my gas, reduction firings in preparation for our open studio at Maze Hill Pottery on the 3rd and 4th of December. The upcoming week is always a rather mad one, we began to pack the colossal soda kiln, 'Big Mother', this afternoon and evening and will finish on Monday. It's lit that evening and is allowed to heat up very slowly overnight to let al...
a stack of gray bowls sitting on top of a white table
Stacked half pound bowls each with a crackle glaze altered in colour by a minuscule percentage of iron oxide. All were fired in a laser gas kiln to cone nine in a reduction atmosphere apart form the bottom piece. This green bowl was fired in the smaller soda kiln but without having any of the sodium solution sprayed in. The residual soda that soaks into the walls props and shelves over years of firing is still enough to effect the outcome of the pot. As a result the outside crackling has become
the meat is being prepared to be cut and put into its own packages for consumption
As the apprentice at Maze Hill Pottery, throwing pots is probably about half of what I do. The rest of time is spent making sure the studio runs smoothly and there’s always a supply of the clay and glazes we use. Managing the clay for the standard ware, evening classes and all the peculiar mixes Lisa uses means I spend a vast amounts of time spiral wedging, cut wedging and reclaiming. This is the red clay mix, it’s a combination of four different clay bodies that are all sliced thinly and p...
a man is making bowls out of clay
“I’ve had some time over the last few days to start throwing some of my own style of work in preparation for the Maze Hill open studio on the first weekend…”
a man is making a clay pot on a potter's wheel with his hands
Potter at Maze Hill Pottery, working with Lisa Hammond MBE. London, England. Contact, floriangadsby@gmail.com
a table topped with lots of gray plates and bowls on top of a wooden table
Our annual open studio at Maze Hill Pottery is next weekend on the 3rd and 4th of December, from 10am to 5pm. This photograph shows roughly a third of the work I’ll have for sale, pots accumulated over three firing, it is without a doubt the largest collection of my own work I’ve ever shown at single time. I’m thoroughly pleased with how it all fired and looks grouped together – a relief to say the least. Lisa Hammond, (@lisahammondpottery) and Darren Ellis, (@darrenellispottery), will be s...
a close up of a person holding a coffee mug
I’ve just updated my shop to correspond with this post—there’s only a few pots so you might have to be quick! This short film shows how I prepare the blanks of clay that are attached and pulled to form the handles of the large mug form I throw as part of the Maze Hill Pottery soda fired range. I begin by treating the mug, they aren’t turned after being thrown and they’re balanced enough that they have no excess clay in the walls or base. All I do is rough thumb the base with a wetted thumb ...
three cups and two spoons on a table
A collection of pieces. One small green crackle glazed teapot with a pulled…
a man in an apron is holding some kind of food with one hand and the other
This video demonstrates how I hakeme brush leather hard pots with thick tan slip. These pots are but one of many types I produce for Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery and are all part of the soda fired functional range and are all raw glazed by dipping or with this technique. I begin by dipping the handled section of the pot into thin slip, this is for two reasons. First, as the brush is quite substantial it can be difficult to use finely, if I were to use the thick slip first it would be ve...
three bowls sitting on top of a white table
Three small crackle glazed bowls, similar to many I’ll hopefully have at our fast approaching open studio on the first weekend of December at Maze Hill Pottery. They are gas fired in a reduction atmosphere for close to twelve hours. I finished the second of three firings last night in preparation, as well as firing and spraying the soda into the larger soda kiln too. Firing two kilns that are in close proximity and are reaching similar temperatures at the same time is quite demanding. Togeth...
several brown vases sitting on top of a cement slab in the shape of circles
A small batch of teapots, admittedly the first I’ve made in a longtime. With more time to myself to focus on my own work after my working conditions changed at Maze Hill Pottery, teapots are one of the forms I’d like to spent more time and thought on. The lids will change in the next batch, to how I described them in my post yesterday. As will the handles and spouts. One of the aspects of the Maze Hill Pottery standard ware range that has been instilled in me in thick, comfortable handles. ...
a white bowl with two wooden spoons in it
Yesterday one of my potter friends @floriangadsby posted this shot of a zebra wood spoon I made last year paired with one of his beautiful porcelain bowls. As usual Florian's post was accompanied by an intriguing and informative caption in this case commenting on the warped form of the dish. It's interesting for me to hearing hear his thoughts on warping and unwanted movement of clay as a material since the unstable and similarly unpredictable nature of green wood is the subject of an ongoin...
a white bowl sitting on top of a table
A simple, light-blue crackle glazed pottery bowl by Florian Gadsby.
a small cup sitting on top of a wooden table next to a green planter
Florian Gadsby
someone is making a vase out of clay with their hands on the potter's wheel