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black and white photograph of two people walking in front of a building with large columns
Herzog & de Meuron designs Colossal Jenga Tower in New York City
Architecture studio herzog & de meuron was founded in 1978 by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron to provide services that include a wide range of projects such as home design and urban design such as stadiums, museums and offices.
a tall building with many balconies on the top of it's sides
Brutalist Victory: Concrete Skylines Dominate Radical Retro-Future Cities - WebUrbanist
Brutalist Victory: Concrete Skylines Dominate Radical Retro-Future Cities | Urbanist
a black and white photo of a circular object in the middle of a room with light coming through it
an abstract wall made up of triangular shapes
Lapicida leading specialist in tile and stone surfaces - Lapicida
Gallum 3D Designer Wall Tiles | Design: Lapicida Stone Group |
an abstract black and white photo with wavy lines
aqua tower, chicago #architecture #facade #texture @gibmirraum
an abstract white background with vertical lines and curves in the center is made up of concrete blocks
lemanoosh+movement - Google zoeken
an image of the inside of a building that looks like it is made out of wood
Chapel Skylight
Brion cemetery // san vito d'altivole, treviso // carlo scarpa
black and white photograph of an abstract building with geometric shapes on the outside, against a cloudy sky
Geometrical facade design with Origami/Triangle structures in black & white | Architecture. Architektur | Design @ Panelex |
closeup of the wood grains on an old tree trunk that has been turned into a spiral
“The idea of time is only in your mind. It is not in the Self. There is no time for the Self. Time arises as an idea after the ego arises. But you are the Self beyond time and space. You exist even in the absence of time and space.” — Sri Ramana Maharshi
the side of a building with windows and balconies in black and white photo
Kenzo Tange light and shadows by supahfly, via Flickr
an abstract black and white painting with wavy lines
Juxtapoz Magazine - Kenneth Josephson's solo exhibition @ Robert Koch Gallery
the city is covered in snow and has lots of tall buildings on each side,
Photo Journal: Paris
Paris rooftops - so pretty! // Photo Journal: Paris | @thefuturekept
a black and white photo of some glasses on a wall with the word love written in it
Pierre Dubreuil - Ombres d’Optique, 1929
black and white photograph of mountains with fog
Dirty Flea
Iran, Tabriz, Julfa , Araz Mountains
black and white photograph of an abstract wallpaper design that looks like paper or cloth
Voyage by Aludean
a pile of rocks sitting next to each other
Hole & Corner — Christopher Sturman
Keith Wiley's Landscapes in the Collections Issue | Photo by Christopher Sturman | Hole & Corner Magazine
three vases sitting on top of a white table next to a black and white wall
Goods | Hana Al Sayed
Jake Curtis . Hole and Corner | Goods | Hana Al Sayed
a small white house sitting on the side of a road next to a field with dry grass
Photo Journal: Superfolk and The Wild Atlantic Way
Photo Journal: Superfolk and The Wild Atlantic Way | The Future Kept
a foggy hillside with trees and houses in the foreground on a cloudy day
After our wonderful time in Romania we are excited to be joining Natasha @takingamomentintime on her next retreat in the Scottish Highlands this May. A week of exploration and creativity and experience where we will also shall be sharing knowledge and tips from our photographic process enjoying the beautiful surroundings and learning from the host of other talented creatives that will be there.
a foggy field with trees and a small cabin in the distance on a hill
Photo Journal: Interiors
The beauty and mystery of the Romanian hills in Autumn.
an abstract sculpture made up of wooden beams
Concrete dividing wall for the new project?
shadows cast on the side of a building
Tank Stair BW
Tank Stair BW | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a pair of scissors casting a shadow on the wall
Glasses, 1937 by Olive Cotton (Australian, 1911- 2003, married to photographer Max Dupain in 1939, but not for long).
black and white photograph of stairs leading up to a skateboarder's ramp
Alfie Douglas® minimal leather cases | handmade in England
Sharp shadows creating art