Geometry Jotter

I got these but I don't have the heart to write in them yet. Geometry set jotters notebooks (via Present & Correct)

Midori Kraft Envelopes

Midori Kraft Envelopes and loads of other gorgeous products curated by the UK based Present&Correct, a gorgeous online boutique of office products.

Old Gummed Labels

Old Gummed Labels (ps ~ I want *everything!

Primary Card Set

Present&Correct – Primary Card Set.

Vintage Money Bags

Vintage Money Bags totally remind my of my youth.

Notebook Paper Bags

Who doesn't need notebook-print baggies?

Present - Graphic Book Set

Beautimous blank notebook set with a geo pattern.

1950s Confetti Paper

Pretty paper from the Each piece is wide and 1 meter long. Use for gifts, books or collage.

Reserve Ticket Book

Present - Reserve Ticket Book

Present - Science Letter Set

Present&Correct - Science Letter Set