BeatWoven uses audio technology to translate music into patterns woven onto fabric. Behold here Tchaikovsky's 'Pas De Deux' with Oboe from The Sleeping Beauty.

BeatWoven is a technology that weaves sound patterns into fabric. This creates some beautiful pieces. BeatWoven has a wide variety of applications, including fashion and art.

retro, video glitch

Chvrches- Clearest Blue The digital distortion is very strong on this design and links to the existing album cover for Chvrches. This is inspiring to my design because I really want to capture the techno glitchy genre I feel they use.

Fragmented memory at the Textielmuseums TextielLab in Tilburg, NL. Phil Stearns, Glitch Textiles.

ninakix: “ At the Textielmuseum’s TextielLab in Tilburg, NL (by Phillip Stearns) Beautiful fabric made from data representing computer memory ”

[processing] textile patterns derived from digital data stored on a hard drive. fragmented-memory_03

Fragmented Memory – Extracts from computer’s physical memory to produce textiles

[processing] textile patterns derived from digital data stored on a hard drive. fragmented-memory_03

Philip Stearns | Glitch Textiles | Jacquard | designed using electronic media | Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Fabric designed by Philip Stearns using electronic media, Glitch Textiles, Brooklyn, New York, U.


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Coat by Nukeme and Uncv Japanese glitch fashion creator Nukeme...

This is a coat shaped as a lab coat, designed by Nukeme and Ucnv. Nukeme makes the clothing work. Ucnv made the textile pattern with glitch

This Is What Pixelated Hair Colouring Looks Like

Pixel Art Hairstyles - Revlon Professional's Latest Collection Shows Off Pixel Hair Styles (GALLERY)

pixelated graphics - Google Search

pixelated graphics - Google Search

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