Tristram Mason is a Finnish/British illustrator currently based in London, specialised in digital and hand made collages. He mixes different techniques and subjects ranging from abstract themes and patterns to figurative compositions with a vintage flair.

Tristram Mason’s Layering, Texturing and Repeating

Andrew Wagner. [Thesis] B.Arch // Context Forgotten This.

student: Andrew Wagner university: Woodbury University San Diego location: San Diego CA, USA degree: B.Arch advisor: Eric Johnson Award: The Frankel Degree Project Award: Dean’s Choice at Woodbury .

Mairi timoney

mairi timoney (The Jealous Curator)

So many beautiful bits & pieces that have been snipped & torn – birch trees, little run-down dwellings, that laundry line! This is the collage work of Edinburgh based artist Mairi Timoney.

Simon Ungers, Silent Architecture [Cathedral rendering], 2003-2004

Simon Ungers, Silent Architecture [Cathedral rendering], The purity and simplicity of this structure perfectly befits the spirit of a religious building.

Filip Dujardin

[Image: Photo by Filip Dujardin, courtesy of the artist].Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin makes images of unexpected buildings – that is, he “combines photographs of parts of buildings int…

St. Loo - OMMX

The design for the store explores the potential of a fundamental building component, the sawn timber plank. It's character is intensified through its arrangement, treatment and application as both lining and furniture, whilst a heightened.

Silent Architecture by Simon Ungers

SFMOMA Explore Modern Art Our Collection Simon Ungers Silent Architecture [Theater rendering]