10 fabulous braided hairstyle tutorials. (via N3k, Tutorial in Thai)

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If I chickened out of the pixie crop...

Agnes Nabuurs Is Springing in the by Gemma Booth in L’Officiel NL February 2013 ‘Spring Is Swinging’


My hair type: Flat on top, will form proper, tight, big, corkscrews below ears if tenderly cared for and unbleached.

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Lots of gorgeous purple hairstyle inspiration! And a technical term for you today… OMBRÉ: having colors or tones that shade into each other — used especially for fabrics and hairstyles…

Gorgeous short crown braided hairstyle

r flawless up’do and a thick French braid crown. Braided up’dos are perfect as bridal hairstyles: versatile and pretty, they’re easy to tweak for a unique and romantic touch. Braids also suit all hair types – short or long, and straight or curly.

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