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Light Pink Fuchsia

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Getting so inspired by spring and the warmer weather! And fresh flowers always make me happy! Plus, they are a terrific evergreen idea for your portfolio  .  #photoideas #phototips #naturephotography #flowers #springflowers #prettyflowers #naturephotographer #portfoliodieas #learnphotography

Lotus (PINK)

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Carolina Rose

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Marigold (Orange & Yellow)

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Basic-colored Hydrangeas

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Sorbet Peony at Jackson & Perkins

Basic-Colored Peonies

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A new elite bulb, Tulip Brisbane is a frothy, pastel-sherbet concoction of frills. In addition to being beautifully fragranced, this gorgeous, compact double tulip has tones of orange, peach, pink and light yellow, and is particularly suited for planters and containers – although it also makes a wonderful cut flower, its delightful peony-like blooms adding an exotic touch to any bouquet or vase. Introduced in 2019 We only ship top size tulip bulbs 12/+ cm for optimal performance. Height: 45 cm.

Red tulips

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Big Sunflower's

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Blue Borage Flower's

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Multi-colored Sweet Peas

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A new border dahlia for the garden in the colours lia and white, dahlia Sweet Surprise will be a new eye-catcher. An excellent dahlia to plant in places where the dahlias should not grow so high or, of course, in pots.

Multi-colored Dahlia's

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Big Daisy's

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