Seven Things You Should Be Doing as You’re Reading to Your Child - Good article for parents--Back to School.

Seven Things You Should Be Doing as You’re Reading to Your Child

Great list of seven easy things to do when reading aloud with children to really make it count. Thanks to Stevens {I Can Teach My Child!} for the great resource!

Such a fun looking page for the kids to fill out after reading a book!

Thank you to Diane for submitting this fun book report poster. It’s legal size (paper) worksheet and is great for lower grades (or as an easy project for upper grades). Great end of the year …


Backyard Escapes Idea Box by Marie Jeanne

I love this idea for the backyard - kids and entertaining. tic tac toe garden table, diy home crafts, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, tic tac toe tree trunk table with stones painted as bees and lady bugs

Classroom library area: these are for the students to be able to read with during read to someone. It goes with the book "Rocket Learns to Read".

Like the idea of tying a laminated label around a few soft toys saying 'Please read to me' or 'I like listening to stories'. The toys could be in a basket or sat on cushions in the book area.

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