Acoustic foam for soundproofing enclosures

Find ideas on how to use acoustic foam for soundproofing at home, studios, offices or acoustic enclosures
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a chair that is sitting in front of a drum set with wheels on each side
t.akustik Kick Drum Absorber
Acoustic Foam for Bass Drums For controlling the resonance behaviour, For damping batter head and resonant head simultaneously, Can be fitted to every bass drum size, With incisions for simplified cutting to standard sizes, Flexible material for...
a diagram showing the location of an electronic device in a room with two speakers and one speaker
Studio SOS Guide To Monitoring & Acoustic Treatment
This diagram shows how to apply basic acoustic treatment to a typical home-studio room. The absorber panels shown in purple are the most important, but adding in the orange absorbers would improve the situation further. Acoustic foam is a common choice of absorber in this application. If bass trapping is required, then it is usually most effective applied in the room corners (including those corners between any of the walls and the ceiling). Note also the angles and positions of the monitors...
an abstract black and white photo of cubes in the shape of a wall or ceiling
Funny how walls that evoke visual images of high noise are actually the ones that absorb the most noise
a microphone with the words how to use acoustic foam for soundproofing
Ideas on how to use acoustic foam for soundproofing enclosures |
the floor joists are being built and ready to be installed into the wall for insulation
Honest opinions on soundproofing options - Whisper Clips...
Sound proofing ceiling between floors - Cut down acoustic foam sheets for for improved soundproofing; ensure to use combustion modified foam, such as Fireseal, to ensure flammable material is not used |
six different colored squares arranged in the same square
Eden from Era Screens - Office Image Interiors
Frameless acoustic foam tiles covered in a woven coloured fabric for a practical and appealing finish | Eden from Era Screens -
an empty room with red curtains and drums
DIY Sound Proof Panels (Step-by-Step)
#HowTo make clever and inexpensive soundproofing foam panels at home using acoustic foam sheets | #DIY #Music Studio
an image of black granite textured with dark gray speckles and white dots
Fireseal acoustic foam -open cell foam structure. Second-to-none sound absorption and soundproofing foam; even in troublesome low frequency. Made in Britain. Comes as a foam sheet ready to use or fabricate to fit
foam board with the word foamite written on it
Fireseal acoustic foam is a leading, highly modified and ready-to-use soundproofing foam offering excellent sound absorption and class “0” fire resistance
a brown leather couch with a large piece of fabric on it's back end
How to Build Your Own Acoustic Panels (DIY)
How to build your own acoustic foam panels for your home, office or studio! |