Antique Silver gilt and enamel singing bird cage. -  German or Austro-Hungarian  c.1910

Antique Silver gilt & enamel singing bird cage - German or Austro-Hungarian

Straw sailor

Love this straw hat. All it needs is a trip to the country, a big field and a little breeze bliss

Harry Gordon Selfridge | Selfridges, London Opened in 1909 - Perfumery.Copyright © Mary Evans/Grenville ...

Take a look at the 'Selfridges, London - Perfumery - Selfridges & Co, Oxford Street, London - Perfumery Section' prints from Prints Online

Shop girls, Mr Selfridge

I would love to try an Edwardian 'up-do'- I'm inspired by the shop girls soft swept hairstyles in Mr Selfridge

Joanna Vanderham (Denise in BBC& The Paradise) Another Time Period series in a Department Store.

White leather boots by Rosenthal’s, Inc. Made between 1909 and 1913.

Boots - - by Rosenthal's, Inc. (United States, California, Oakland and San Francisco) - Kid leather, leather - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Back to school advert, Selfridges

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Curious History, London’s Camden Catacombs Deep beneath the...

The Camden, England, catacombs-- built in the sentury as stables for horses and pit ponies that were used to shunt railway wagons.