Notting Hill, North Kensington, London (9 March 1906) by - Edward Linley Sambourne

Edwardian girls Notting Hill, North Kensington, London, 1906 by Edward Linley Sambourne

Girls’ dress, Les Modes May 1901.

Girls’ dress, Les Modes May If I ever get around to making something like this, I would have no problem wearing it out and to work.

Gibson Girls, circa 1906-1909.

A new fashion era is nigh.and a new standard of female beauty is created. Charles Dana Gibson, magazine illustrator of the time, creates the idealized 'Gibson' girl. Edwardian looks circa

Queen Maud’s Dress ~ 1913 ~ Victoria and Albert Museum

Queen Maud's Dress - 1913 - Victoria and Albert Museum - Watsonette This "Queen Maud" was Princess of Wales, until she married Prince Carl of Denmark. He was crowned King Haakon VII of Denmark and she became Queen Maud.

Early 20th century, Europe - Folding fan - Wood sticks and cotton leaf, hand painted, embroidered with sequins

Painted cotton with a design of water lilies and a dragonfly. Costumes Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.