Midnight Peacock

Visual inspirations for The Sinclair's Mysteries: The Midnight Peacock
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Atelier SOUPLETS (attribué à), circa 1910-1915. (Back)

ephemeral-elegance: Sequined and Beaded Tulle. - ephemeral-elegance: “ Sequined and Beaded Tulle Theatre Costume with Detachable Train, ca.

Henry VIII's palaces

Henry VIII's palaces - Henry VIII's palaces - Another Tudor Palace, Knole in Kent, gives an even better sense of the period. Henry was “ultra-fashionable” and his palaces were the most stylish in northern Europe.

Callot Soeurs, evening dress, 1909-1913 Silk satin metallic tulle and silk tulle. Collection UFAC © Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris / photo : Jean Tholance

i-chimaera: “ fripperiesandfobs: “ Callot Soeurs evening dress ca. From the exhibition “Fashion Forward” at Les Arts Décoratifs ” I love pots that share the beautiful but also give links-.

Another beautiful old door in Castle Everyone should have a secret garden. The gate to a secret garden.

Paul Poiret

This Paul Poiret Sketch shows the change in silhouette from S shaped curve to the freeing loose silhouette of the The figure is drawing a garment made by Poiret called a hobble skirt.