Fruit pizza. Beautiful!

Fruit Pizza

Recipe: Fruit Pizza - Sugar cookie base w cream cheese frosting n fresh fruit! Great dessert for Spring n Fruit

Fruit Salads / Melon Salads

Melon balls in lemon or lime skins. you could make lemon-lime aid so the inside doesnt go to waste

<3 we love #summer #berries

A sip of te Pa Rose is like wandering past a roadside fruit stand during a classic Marlborough summer. Strawberries, cherries, raspberries and plums. the red fruits of summertime in a glass!

Healthy & Gorgeous (just a pic, but easy enough to duplicate)

A great way to serve some strawberries and kiwi; in a wine glass! Or any other summer fruit. Perfect for bridal shower! We could do any fruit, different and pretty presentation

Mr. Kale - Vegetable art Print

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Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C to keep you healthy AND help you sleep! Not to mention they are deliciously in season right now #strawberries

Foods to Help You Sleep

Stuffing these strawberries would require patience and skill. If it doesn't work out and you end up smashing a few, you'll still end up with a nice strawberry compote. It's a winner! Credit: @David Grotto

yummy for food, and way cute for parties (bridal shower?) yummy for food, and way cute for parties (bridal shower?) yummy for food, and way cute for parties (bridal shower?

beautifully composed (nutritious) foods #photography #food

Layout: the food in this photo creates a clean layout and creates a golden rectangle in this photo from a birds eye perspective.

The Power of Citrus

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