Healthy snacks makes learning to read more fun #learning #healthyfood

The famous kids book The VeryHungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle inspired this after school snack. It was made from Babybel cheese, green apple, a little piece of cheese slice and fruit leather.

Real Food On A Budget: 25 Tips To Make Healthy Eating Affordable- How to eat healthy, while still keeping your budget #affordableeating

These 25 Tips Make It Possible to Eat Real Food on a Budget

Real Food On A Budget - 25 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Affordable: Amazing advice, not the usual money saving tips!

Wise words from Dr. Seuss

LOVING THE LORAX! Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not. -The Lorax

Another great alternative for a birthday party or any celebration. It's colorful and fun for kids to dip their veggies! #party #teacher

Veggie and Dip Cups.another less messy way to serve veggie & dip.Not big plate for a few veggie's.

How about having your students make their own healthy cookbooks #cookbook #healthy #kidsactivities

Week 6 DIY Kid’s Mini Cookbook - awesome activity to keep them busy while you clean the kitchen after a kiddie cooking session.

Grow your own sprouts ~ it's an easy and fun way to teach your kids about growing their own food #sprouts #kidsactivities #school

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar, Super-simple indoor gardening! Growing your own sprouts is so easy.and there are so many varieties too! - Gardening And Living

How about carving out some veggie boats and having your students decorate them for a fun snack time activity? #activities #teachers #school #veggies #foodart

VEGGIE BOATS: filled with houmous dip and finished with pitta sails, this makes a fun snack for a nautical party!

Enjoy Watermelon Without The Mess - a great idea for a healthy end of the year treat. The kids will feel like they are eating popsicles, without all that added sugar!

Watermelon on a stick . An easy (and slightly less messy) way to serve watermelon. Ideal summer party food for kids.

Let kids have fun constructing healthy meals with a play salad!

Make a kids play salad by cutting lettuce out of green craft foam and tomatoes out of red foam. Add details to them using markers. Cut up yellow foam into cubes as cheese or croutons.

How about a healthy birthday treat for your students? #birthdayparty #teacher

Great idea for if you sell fruit, I couldn't remember. Link for free printable tags for fruit in your child's lunchbox. The site has lots of cute, creative food presentations to get kids eating healthy.