The best protein sources

The Best Protein Sources

The best protein sources. The best protein sources, eat a couple of these per day and feel GREAT! Cut out a cookie for a hard boiled eggs or my favorite.

Quinoa + Fruit Salad

Mango Blueberry Quinoa Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing Recipe. Tried this last night without the dressing - mango & blueberries add enough flavor on their own!

Quinoa, quinoa, everywhere! (Quinoa burgers)

Love That Quinoa Burger!

If you’re looking for a meat-free dinner idea that’s still packed with protein, look no further! You have to try this Quinoa Burger recipe with Friendship Dairies™ Cottage Cheese.

Beans are a great source of protein and there are so many to choose from!

This magical bean mosaic is a wonderful activity for kids and adults to do together. Tools and Materials Pencil Canvas boards Small paintbrush Craft glue Dried beans Ruler

We encourage eating beans, but this is a cute and crafty use!

Glass Vase and Burlap Spring Candle Display

Let's work together to bring food education back!

Bring Food Education Back: an from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that makes an argument for teaching kids about good

Dirty Dozen & Clean 15.  Recommendations on what to buy organic and what you can get away with non-organic.

the "dirty dozen" list are foods you should buy organic, because purchasing them non-organic comes with loads of pesticides. the "clean list are foods that are okay to buy non-organic, because they hardly have any pesticides

A handful of corporate giants control the majority of food products.

These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy: ". most products we buy are controlled by just a few companies. It's called "The Illusion of Choice. Despite a wide array of brands to choose from, it all comes back to the big guys.

Food craving facts

How to Fend Off a Food Craving

Can you guess what is the most-craved food in North America? In Japan, it is sushi. Good graphic and tips for fighting cravings.


GMO rice contaminates the world rice supply and Dr Vandana Shiva compares GMO contamination to bio-rape

The scoop on good-for-you foods

12 Foods For Healthy Skin: Skin problems?Give your body what it needs, and the results will blow your mind. Incorporating these 12 yummy foods into your diet will have you well on your way to healthy & beautiful skin.

The Hidden Dangers of Sugary Drinks | Cooking Light

The Hidden Dangers of Sugary Drinks

Fat Habit Drinking calories—not eating them - The 10 Worst Habits Destroying Your Diet - Cooking Light Mobile

Food Facts

Foodfacts: Foodfacts is the most comprehensive internet source for nutrition facts, ingredient information, allergens, controversial ingredients and everything else that a conscientious consumer needs to know.

10 Nutrients In Your Daily Diet [Infographic]

10 Nutrients In Your Daily Diet [Infographic] nutrition, diet, food, good…

Gr 5 Media Literacy - Scholar's Choice Teachers Store

- Media Literacy Grade Length: 144 Pages, Grade, Help students learn to think critically about the thousands of media messages they encounter .