Nothing satisfies the appetite quite like a hearty italian pasta dish. This  carbonara is syn free on slimming world and can be enjoyed without a  slither of guilt. (Note: The philadephia light is 75g for healthy A) --  Enjoy! 2 Servings Prep Time: 5 Min Cook Time: 15 Min Ready In: 20 Min Ingredients     * 3 eggs     * 1 Tub Philadephia Light     * Black Pepper     * 100ml chicken stock     * 2x lean Gammon steaks or 300g baked ham, sliced     * 2 cloves garlic, crushed     * 1 Onion…

Syn Free Carbonara

I don't know about you lot, but I love anything "Oaty". You're talkin'  flapjacks, hobnobs, porridge, muesli - get in my tummy! Furthermore, oats -  when not doused in sugar and butter - are actually incredibly good for us.  They are known as one of the best "complex carbohydrates" - meaning it  takes longer for the body to release the sugar contained in them. This is  great news for us, as we are less prone to sugar cravings this way and you  will feel fuller for longer!  They are also…

Porridge oat biscuits (healthy B)

Sugar Pink Food: Slimming World Recipe: Creamy Chicken Hot Pot

On my walk to work this morning I got absolutely drenched, I was freezing cold and it felt like winter. I find that what I want to eat is r.

Slimming World recipes: Fruit Roulade

Slimming World recipes: Fruit Roulade (aka posh swiss roll). Half a Syn for the whole roulade! A favourite for the Tasty Treats evenings.

Extra Easy Eating: Chicken Jambalya

Serves 1 Syns per portion: Extra Easy 1 syn Ingredients 1 chicken breast, chopped 2 Tesco lighter choice cumberland sausages (.

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