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a piece of paper that is on the wall
Elisa D'Arrigo
ELISA D'Arrigo Reconstructed (5) 2009 handmade paper, thread, acrylic paint, marble dust 18 x 8 x 8 inches
a sculpture made out of wood and rope on top of a white floor with two people standing in the background
Out Of Paper | Li Hongbo
Li Hongbo - Paper art
two pictures one with water coming out of the top and another with snow on the bottom
Artist Cuts a Meditative Fortress of Paper Strips
Meditative Fortress of Paper Strips - Sachiko Abe cuts fine strips of paper for hours in her performance series titled Cut Papers.
several wooden structures are arranged in an empty room with two people standing near the doorway
A 19th-Century Paper Mill Transformed into a Space for Art
piece with visitors copy
a person is weaving fabric on a machine
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
Japanese Paper-Cutting Is The Future Of Flexible, Bendable Gadgets | Co.Design | business + design
an abstract green painting with lines and squares on it's surface, as well as the
Handmade Paper Made from Fruits and Vegetables
paper made from cucumbers
a blue and green object on a white surface in the shape of a flower ornament
m i c h e l l e . s a m o u r
Michelle Samour, Eyes of God, gouache on pigmented abaca fiber
a stack of papers sitting on top of a white table
gentil farfalletta
rob-art: Arcangelo Sassolino Untitled, 2007, paper, pressed with 500 tons
a piece of cloth with some black handles on it
Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges, In Wet IV
a man standing on top of a red bridge over a stream next to a dog
steve messam constructs weight-bearing paperbridge using 20,000 sheets
steve messam constructs weight-bearing paperbridge using 20,000 sheets
three pictures of different patterns and colors on paper
curated contemporary art /// karen margolis
mixed media on handmade abaca paper by karen margolis
water drops on the surface of a white and black object with grey circles around it
burnt paper - Elena Nuez
a piece of art that looks like it has been made out of wire and wood
jiyoungchung.com -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspjiyoungchung Resources and Information.
Jiyoung Chung - Whisper - Romance: The Contented.
an art piece made out of colored paper
Hand-Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary — Colossal
Hand Cut Paper Microorganisms by Charles Clary paper