Beautiful decay.

We drifted slowly apart. Whilst I ate my heart." I Ate My Heart Pencil on paper, When You Escape

Giles Deacon A/W 2012 Macabre Romanticism | catwalks

Giles Deacon - A/W 2012 - Macabre Romanticism

Gold and enamel brooch ~ René Lalique

René Lalique, Serpent Brooch consisting of nine intertwined snakes in the most gorgeous of enamels and gold.

Anya Gallaccio

The prospect of ephemeral art is making me really very excited!

Art & Installation - Anya Gallaccio - "Preserve Beauty" (New York) 2003 - Gallaccio is known for her work with organic materials such as ice, flowers, fruits and sugar. Her installations often change over time as they melt, decompose or sprout new life.