OMG…this would be great if the english weather would be better year round

Backyard splash pad: No up keep, small footprint, cheaper than a pool, safer than a pool. In the winter put a fire pit and some chairs!

Needed one of these when my little ones were babies!

Bath organizer with padding for knees and elbows. Good idea for a mom-to-be shower gift!yes, this is pinned on the board for my dog.she is evil at bath time!

The templates for these felt branch and butterfly slippers can be adjusted to fit different shoe sizes.

See the "Felt Slippers" in our Handmade Gifts for Kids gallery. Homemade slippers make a heartwarming (and foot-warming) gift for kids of all ages. How to Make the Felt Slippers

Swing in archway

We could use our fancy greek poles & put an arch on them & do something like this garden swing when we take down the kids' swing set.

living room?

Cottonwood White Leaf Wallpaper With its attractive leaf design, this printed washable wallpaper features pearlescent inks and is suitable for all interiors including well-ventilated kitchens and bathrooms.