Eranthis hyemalis (Ranunculaceae)

Eranthis hymealis small tuberous perennials with palmately or pinnately lobed basal leaves and cup-shaped flowers held above a collar of deeply lobed stem leaves

Leucojum vernum (Amaryllidaceae)

Leucojum vernum spring snowflake strap-shaped glossy dark green leaves and erect stems with 1 or 2 broadly bell-shaped, green-tipped white flowers in width

Galanthus woronowii (Amaryillidaceae)

Galanthus woronowii Family: Amaryllidaceae Origin: Turkey, Russia **Very green, almost plastic green leaves.

Primula denticulata

Primula denticulata - drumstick primula - this is a marginal bog plant, good for my northern boggy garden.

Iris histrioides (Iridaceae)

Find help & information on Iris histrioides 'Major' iris 'Major' from the RHS

Vinca difformis (Apocynaceae)

Vinca difformis - Apocynaceae - simple, ovate, oppposite leaves - margins entire - 5 petalled actinomorphic flowers - - pale blue - late winter/early spring - evergreen - prostrate/mat forming - best in full sun but can live in shade

Cornus mas (Cornaceae)

Cornus mas - cornaceae - deciduous shrub - oval leaves - purple in autumn - yellow winter flowers - red berries