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Francesca Speakman

Francesca Speakman
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This is pretty cool

7 Fun Workout Ideas You Have Probably Never Tried The Popsicle Stick Workout -- This fun exercise idea makes everyday a new challenge!

Fun activities to encourage healthy eating. This post shares a few simple games to play with fruit and vegetables and ways to explore healthy food with young children

Definitely need to re-read! I like the bin or win idea - could be something for the child to take home and do with their parents

left or right handed

BC Curriculum Grade 1 Math concrete graphs, using one-to-one correspondence

Color coordinated lock task box! Locks from the dollar store, cheap and easy and the kids love it!

Could match colors, shapes, capital/lower case letters, could be simple addition or subtraction for older kids.

Laser beam superhero challenge. Can you go under and over the laser beams and save the teddy from the baddies?

Part of the ideal outdoor classroom.spatial skills, personal negotiations, physical control, hand eye coordination, understanding of connections for the many possibilities!