Art Direction for posters and flyers for the Parisien concert hall La Maroquinerie, 2012 (photo: Christophe Levet), 2012

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escapekit: “ Whimsical objects Photographer and art director Vanessa McKeown turns everyday objects into colourful quirky scenes. Various objects from fruits, vegetables, cakes, and candies have been constructed with unexpected materials.

art direction | arnaud deroudilhe junk fruit

Arnaud Deroudilhe’s ‘Junk Fruit’ Series

By now you should know that we are always fond of food and fruit concepts. The “Junk Fruit” series by French photographer Arnaud Deroudilhe shows a mix of healthy and junk by lit

McFancy » Eat Drink Chic....fancy packaging

Fashionized fast-food packaging concept series McFancy” for McDonald’s by Amy Moss.

art direction | Colorful Food Art By Vanessa McKeown

Colorful Food Art By Vanessa McKeown (IGNANT)

Photo illustrator Vanessa McKeown creates colorful food imagery using everyday objects with humorous undertones. A graduate in graphic design and film editing, McKeown uses her eye for detail to set u

designer food

nice idea: Prada fast food packaging (even though I wonder in what world the brand values of Prada and fast food chains could ever match)

Vanessa Mckeown

Vanessa Mckeown is a graphic designer and art director who uses everyday objects in unusual ways to create .