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Vintage Interior Design Inspiration

love this old barn door, adds lots of character to any project.great idea to use a barn sliding door system in place of building in a pocket door. I'd use this in our small master bathroom. Great space saver with some characture

Sociology Download this review guide and improve your grades.

This study guide contains fundamental sociological definitions and principles which are specifically designed to aid students. Topics covered include: so

The Logic of Sociology [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis, which remarks on the role of theory in sociology] via Jessica Leveto

Essay about sociology and anthropology careers Essay about Cultural Anthropologist as a Career, sociology, and in some cases. Cinema and Anthropology Description Essay - Visual anthropology plausibly carries.

The eternal debate of nature vs. nurture. We now know that our brains aren't fixed, that they can change and grow and improve. Brain training helps grow new pathways.

Marxism and social darwinism essay The Role of Social Darwinism in European Imperialism Essay, motivation was the glory of their country and Social Darwinism.

Trigger Warning Rape: Sociology of Language: Inclusive Language Campaign by Amber J. Simmons, via Behance. Would you say that if you knew your words have power?

Inclusive Language Campaign by Amber J. Simmons, via Behance -- this is a constant struggle. person-first language needs to be in this too!

All Over the Lace Flat

benjamina : All Over the Lace Flat. This morning, youre more than okay with having to traipse from one end of town to the other - after all, you have these red canvas flats on your feet!

Model Citizen Flat by Seychelles - Brown, Blue, Flat, Solid, Cutout

Model Citizen Flat - too cute! Now they need to make Spanks for flat feet and I can really work these flats