This is kind of creepy, more so because I don& like the whole Jack-in-the-box thing but the skeletal & is just plain strange.

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: Do you know how to make a Fairy Garden come in and learn how

Don't cry over broken flower pots! You will be glad that your pots are broken after viewing through these wonderful DIY broken pots miniature fairy garden!

Mermaid Baby. Seriously weird.

I so hope this is real because I strongly believe in Atlantis we were mermaids. -- Mermaid Baby (by Museum of World Wonders (Dr.

Tarald_the_lucky_dragon by Remjie-Malham on deviantART

6 inches tall fabric fur + fimo c l ay parts just one more doll from my "Tiny Griffins" series

Lament Configuration Pendant by JamesVillanueva.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Since I'm on a jewelry kick here is the "Star" side of the Lament Configuration as a Pendant for the Hellraiser fans. My other Hellraiser art jamesvilla.

http://www.retrodec.com/category/bearlands she's mine! :P

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