English Martial Arts Channel

English Martial Arts Channel

London, Borhamwood / I am a professional martial arts instructor and author. This channel will show the western martial art of the original Noble Science of Defence.
English Martial Arts Channel
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English Stick Fighting, The Quarterstaff

In this video, we have a one on one training session with the quarterstaff.

Hema Unarmed. English Martial Arts

A video showing some defence technique that when applied properly with the proper body technique to generate power can cause a tremendous amount of damage an.

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Power generation, Judgement of Distance, and Small Pads. English Martial...

Power generation, Judgement of Distance, and Small Pads.

The Original English Martial Arts Channel - YouTube

The English Fighting Arts English Martial Arts are a cultural legacy. There are today, only a handful of practitioners that know the whole system of weapons .