Design x Food - Infographic by Ryan MacEachern, via Behance.

Food infographic Design x Food - Infographic by Ryan MacEachern, via Behance. Infographic Description Design x Food - Infographic by Ryan MacEachern, via

360 degrees of cake-infographics

Food infographic Fourchette en carton: Linus Kraemer Infographic Description Adorable illustration/menu/layout for desserts Fourchette en carton: Linus Kra

photographics are infographics using photography (or 3D computer design that looks like photography)   as the main visual metaphor. here's an example of making a chart using 'physical' shapes to make the chart more attention-grabbing

Five Advertising Agency Tips & Secrets. Work in a team. That's ADV, baby! “Manifesto” by Fabrizio Tarussio via Behance.

Keren shalev infographic, paper craft

ejemplo de cifras a gran escala Keren shalev infographic, paper craft - WorkLAD - Banter, Funny Pics, Viral Videos

Jackson Market / NATURE'S CURE on the Behance Network — Designspiration

NATURE'S CURE by Gracy Leal, via Behance :: This makes me feel pretty good about getting a bunch of orange, yellow, and purple carrots from the CSA

Their youngest son, Axel, had been tragically killed in a thresher accident on their farm. Birth and death records were rare in their community, but people knew the boy, so they naturally missed him and wondered what happened to him in Axel Holey's Death Watch List (a comedy, really <3 )

Commissioned by Icon magazine for the Rethink feature of its April edition, designers at IWANT set out to create a birth certificate worth cherishing, which aims to paint a more personal picture of our first moments.

Infographics / Creative Review - Infographics to aid The Girl Effect

Commissioned by the Nike Foundation in support of The Girl Effect, London design studio Accept & Proceed created a series of infographic flyposters and handouts that were distributed at the London Summit on Family Planning held two weeks ago.