Identity Projectionists / Grace Jones

narcissusskisses: Could your dark heart be contagious? If there is no law, there are no crimes. Grace jones by Jean Paul Goude

Saatchi Online Artist: David Scholes; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "La obsesión"

different portrait style sketch by artist David Scholes 2012 "La obsesión" (acrylic)

Gorgeous children's portrait by one of my favourite photographers, Osamu Yokonami

Gorgeous children's portrait by photographer Osamu Yokonami

My inner self shouts and cries so that my outer self can still look brave.

10 Most Common Dreams And Their Phsycolocial Meaning - Wisdomfy

Liv Tyler

Really reaches the emotion im looking for. It can be the emotion the girl feels inside. Or that shes been holding in so much built up emotion that she couldn't take it no more ~Anonymous

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