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Roast tomato sauce with cod or pancetta

Roast tomato sauce with cod or pancetta

Today is the start of British Tomato Week, and Lisa Faulkner is here to celebrate by serving up two family favourites made with a cheap, simple and delicious roast tomato sauce.

Not on the high street

Life Inspirational Art Print

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

Guacamole | Vegetarian Recipes | Jamie Oliver

Classic guacamole

Classic guacamole “Super-quick and easy, this guacamole recipe is delicious with fajitas, quesadillas, dolloped into a wrap or served as a snack with crunchy veggies

Chicken & chorizo paella

Chicken & chorizo paella

Chicken chorizo paella I made with 1 cup basmati rice, cups low sodium chicken broth and crushed tomatoes, I also added cayenne and chipotle pepper

Jools crunchy fish

Jools’ crunchy fish

Jools' crunchy fish recipe is perfect for the whole family, get the kids involved by letting them help make the homemade fish fingers before enjoying them.

Chicken Cacciatore

Hunter's chicken stew (Pollo alla cacciatora)

Hunter's Chicken Stew (Pollo alla cacciatore) Heart Italian classic with a delicious red wine sauce

Tomato Sauce

The quickest tomato sauce

Jamie Oliver Quick Tomato Sauce I learnt this recipe from my mate and mentor Gennaro Contaldo. It's a brilliant, basic tomato sauce for using on pizza and it's also great with pasta or to serve alongside meat or fish – quick, fresh, fragrant and sweet.

Fish Cakes

Fish cakes

Fish cakes - Jamie Oliver Not only do homemade fish cakes taste miles better than shop-bought ones, but if you make your own you know exactly what goes in them. Use GF flour for dusting