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Lovely pomegranates by Irena Sophia

Ohn Mar Win , illustrator Sketchbook : " I have to declare it's been a long day for me so I savoured every brush stroke and mark. It's also the last page of my Moleskine sketchbook, I even used the end paper as these pomegranates "

Watercolor sketchbook

Watercolors by Maria Stezhko (Акварели Марии Стежко): A new journal. Watercolor sketchbook pages.

WHEN art journal page

Roben-Marie Smith is a mixed media artist and instructor. She writes and teaches about art, business tips and shares art and technical tutorials.

Laura Wait T-Cross #5. ( 5 of 7) Book made of etchings and printed wood type, painted. Sewn binding.

Laura Wait T-Cross ( 5 of Book made of etchings and printed wood type, painted. Love the use of bold painterly colors and what seems to be references to architecture used to decorate the pages

Ana Botezatu

Ana Botezatu, a Romanian illustrator, wrote me because she had sketchbooks she wanted to share.

Giant Centipede. Beware, they can bite.

Giant Centipede

YES, it is a Giant Texas Red Centipede YES, they have a dangerously bad bite YES, it is real and alive. I found one of these things crawling around in our barn and nearly had a heart attack.

Miroslava Rakovic

art journal - expression through abstraction — artpropelled: Miroslava Rakovic