En el maratón de Londres terminan el 99.4% de los participantes!!! Increíble!!! #london #marathon

Human Footprint/ sustainabilty etc "One of three brilliant print ads for Reflex Spray instant muscle pain relief, featuring the London, Berlin and New York marathons.

There's a great documentary on Netflix, "Fold" that has heightened my appreciation for the art of folding.

Serie of 4 pieces, working only with light and shadow. This work was created in an attempt to make a poster with an image without printing. Made by manually folding a paper of standard poster format x 85 cm), a composition is created of light and shad…

Anthology Magazine | Artwork | Map Portraits by Ed Fairburn

‘Norwich’, ink on an original map of Norwich – the third addition to the Quarter Scale Series. by Ed Fairburn *** Road maps overlayed would be a sweet idea!

paper cuts

Using a pair of scissors, Karen Bit Vejle has beautifully cut sheets of paper to mimic Persian carpets and doilies. Her work has been displayed in numerous galleries and museums in Scandinavia and United States. Photos © Karen Bit Vejle Via Skumar.

RICHARD LONG  I  chalk line

Foreground: Richard Long, Chalk Line Background: the Boyle Family, ‘Olaf Street Study’

bad ass poster. I kind of want to try to make this :)

//I have a giant map! And I haven't known what to do with it.//Life Is A Journey On A Recycled Atlas Page by nikimilns on Etsy

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