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Moomin's Love <3. I loved this as a child during my family's tenure in Japan!  Memory is sweet!

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Moomin looks so adorable here!

Moomin looks so adorable here!

Love of my childhood. Though I never stopped loving you Snufkin. And I never will. Tove Jansson

vederlicht: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Moomins for a new picture of the ever-so-lovely Hachi-san. Their Moomin art is some of the best I know

Szortírozás. Amikor a gyerekkori emlékek felszínre bukkannak.

Can you help us solve the Great Moomin Mystery? We can't find the creator of our…

MOOMIN / Moomintroll - Embroidery Patterns


MOOMIN / Moomintroll - Embroidery Patterns

Moomins. Tove Jansson

when you go to explore new horizons you should do it with a racing step not a racing heart Moomins.