Teddy Boy

Teddy Boy is a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that…

Teddy boys

The subculture started in London in the and spread across the UK, associated with rock and roll. Originally known as Cosh Boys, the name Teddy Boy was coined when a 1953 Daily Express newspaper headline shortened Edwardian to Teddy.

a young Ozzy Osbourne. Thought it would be a better picture to show than later images. Shows more of the scorpio rising "features"

This is a young Ozzy Osbourne pictures when I was young . Ozzy Osbourne is very handsome Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne .

teddy boys

Teddy Girl wearing a pencil skirt and tight sweater. Teddy Boys on a London Street Pointed toe shoes named wink.

Jayne Rayner

Ken Russell's photography reined in his cinematic excesses

girls-will-be-boys: 14 year old Jean Rayner surrounded by young aspiring teddy boys on a bombsite, London, January Photographed by Ken Russell


The cover of the Richard Allen novel 'Suedehead'. 1971 or 72 I think.