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What is land art? Brilliant nature activity for children. From Land Art for Kids. Some amazing help and inspiration.

Richard Shilling on Land Art for Kids

Richard Shilling is a land artist based in Northern England who encourages children to get outside to see and create art in nature. He recently published the first of a series of Land Art for Kids books in partnership with Julia Brooklyn. Join me in learning more about Richard, his art, and his vision for children. Land Art for Kids JEAN: Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you get involved with land art? RICHARD: I am a bit of an accidental artist. One day a few years ago I…

Nature Play How many shades of green can you find? Forest School Activities, Nature Activities, Preschool Activities, Outdoor Activities, Colour Activities, Autumn Activities, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Learning, Early Education


How many shades of green can you find? Colour chart match for the garden. Pick up one from your local DIY store.

Nature Crafts 47 Incredibly Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids - Weaving with Weeds

Ideas - Hobbycraft Blog

It’s much easier to burn off steam when we spend more time outdoors than in. Kids love outdoor play in the fresh air – and there’s no end to outdoor crafting activities that they can get involved with! Take a look at the following list of ideas to get you...

Wilderness festival children’s area branches decoration – natural playground ideas

Little Yellow Dress - Shiny Thoughts

love these little stick boats, i feel a raft race coming on!, My Favorite,

Little boats

Yesterday while at the farm, we all decided to gather some sticks and make little boats to float in the pond. This pond was in spring time a favorite swimming hole and frog watching spot, however now that full summer is upon us, all around it is overgrown and in it full of algae and not at all inviting to swim in. As it turned out, it was even to algae filled to float the boats, but we didn't realize this when we started:) we started with the sticks we had gathered, broke them off in to…

Forest Tots: Making a DIY mud kitchen (for free!) For the den

Making a DIY mud kitchen (for free!)

First off a disclaimer. I am crap at you know! I have big dreams and little actual skill to complete them. Not that I let ...

Benefits of Forest School explains the Forest Schools Philosophy with hel

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