Like the idea of using vintage brown suitcases as a nightstand in the spare room. Shabby Chic Bedrooms Adults not a fan of the colors, but fun idea


Pink Vintage Typewriter ~ I Heart Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic Spring Pastel Heaven Decorating Ideas


French vintage chair - love this! Pink and white - altogether lovely. I could build a room just to decorate around this settee.

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Vintage photography

I love color pop pictures. If only my dumb photo editor would actually do it, that would be nice.

Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.  ~Henry David Thoreau  It amazes me sometimes how people perceive things differently.  One thing that makes one person happy doesn’t necessarily make another happy. One person may seem to have the “happiness” formula”, but when another tries that same formula and it doesn’t work, that person seeking happiness ponders why. Each person has completely different needs in their lives – different physical, emotional and mental needs. Sometimes it is…

The Love Garden

Centerpieces - to save money you could just check some out from the library - no where near the kids table! Even if one gets ruined, it's still cheaper to pay the library than to try to buy them all.

Three Vintage Books in Shades of Pink and Cream

China Tier

RESERVED Alice Throws a Pink Party no. 7, Vintage China Jewelry Stand, Cake Plate for Cupcakes & Tea, 3 Tier for Birthday, Shower, Wedding

Jewelry Display - Get Whimsical: 19 Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower Ideas - EverAfterGuide

Lögastrand - Västerås alldeles egna sandstrand

Lögastrand - Västerås alldeles egna sandstrand

Dress Rose Flower Woman Watch

Dress Rose Flower Woman Watch

I adore this picture!

Langley Wedding by Vanessa Voth Photography