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Ideas and inspiration to create an outdoor room for summer
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a metal lantern with a candle inside
Harley & Lola
Large Square Lantern by Harley and Lola
two clear glass bottles with metal handles
Harley & Lola
The Bottle T Light Holder from Harley & Lola, specialists in quality, environmentally friendly homeware
a wicker couch and coffee table on a wooden deck with a bottle of wine
Harley & Lola
Port Royal Prestige Large Daybed by Harley & Lola
several blankets are stacked on top of a couch
Harley & Lola
It's always good to have a fleece blanket on hand to throw over you if it gets chilly sitting outside at night. These look super cosy.
a large blue and white pouff sitting on top of a table
Harley & Lola
A pouffe is handy for extra seating in a conservatory. Or you could make use of it to rest your tired legs on.
a blue and white pillow on a white background
Harley & Lola
A few cushions are essential for inside a conservatory, or popping on a chair to relax outside. Love these recycled ones.
a bird sitting on top of a metal pole
Harley & Lola
This is a lovely little sculpture to pop in your garden and look out onto.
an outdoor table and chairs with an umbrella
Harley & Lola
As garden parasols go, I like the ability of this one to hang over a table or seating area, rather than be stuck in the middle of it.
an outdoor furniture set on a wooden floor
Harley & Lola
Comfortable, stylish and flexible furniture set that could be used indoors or out.
an outdoor chaise lounge on a wooden deck
Harley & Lola
Along with a day bed, a lounger would be an essential for a garden or conservatory where relaxation is going to occur!
a wicker lounge chair sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a bottle of beer
Harley & Lola
In an ideal world, I'd definitely have a gorgeous day bed like this to relax on in the sun.
a wooden lantern with a candle in it
Harley & Lola
Every conservatory or garden space needs a lantern or two, for those long nights!
the patio furniture is set up outside in front of some steps and bushes with lavender flowers
Harley & Lola
This is a great set of garden or conservatory furniture that provides plenty of stylish seating.
a white plastic chair with an intricate design on the back and seat, in front of a white background
Harley & Lola
Love the contemporary design of this leaf chair - great for using in a conservatory, or out in the garden.
a black and white chair with an armrest that has a tree design on it
Harley & Lola
The Westminster tree armchair is an attractive design. It would work as a dining chair in a conservatory, or offer a quick and easy chair to take outside to sit on in the garden.