Skid Mounted Water Bowsers

Skid mounted water bowsers are water containers designed to go on the back of a vehicle for dust suppression, plant watering, and pressure washing applications…
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skid mounted or demount water bowser 180L Atv Quads, Atv Accessories, Towing, Things To Come, Hunting Blinds, Atv, Sack Trolley, Water Supply, Mobile Car Wash
Water Bowser | Plant Watering | Dust Suppression | Livestock
Skid mounted water bowser transports on back of vehicle
Water Bowser | Towable Water Bowsers
This watering tank goes in the back of a transporter of choice. It comes as standard with connecting wires with "crocodile clips" to be connected to either the vehicle battery or a separate battery.
Skid mounted water bowser 270L Quad, Diy, Compact, Fresh, Atv Quad, Tractors, Compact Tractors, Quad Bike
Water Bowser | Towable Water Bowsers
This small self-contained tank is suitable for hanging baskets and plant watering.
Skid mounted water bowser with tap Car Wash, Trailers, Pressure Washing, Outdoor Storage Box, Water Tank, Grass Pavers Driveway
Water Bowser | Towable Water Bowsers
​This water tank is fitted onto a metal pallet that can be lifted by a forklift truck onto vehicles or trailers.
Skid Mounted Water Bowser available with a petrol or electric pump Livestock, Vehicle
Water Bowser | Towable Water Bowsers
This water bowser has 6M (20') of heavy-duty 1/2" diameter hose complete with on/off lever tap and quick fit couplings for simple lance change.
Horizontal tank skid mounted water bowsers 2000L Plants, Horizontal, Container, Mounting, Container Design, Bowser, Tank
Water Bowser | Towable Water Bowsers
2000L horizontal tank skid mounted water bowser