Freya Warner-Morgan

Freya Warner-Morgan

Freya Warner-Morgan
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pretty screen

How to Make a Folding Room Divider with Removable Fabric Panels - Stefanie Gabrych Fraser - possible art/math project

Unique and useful ideas to get your kitchen organized. By Sarah Yang

Install a pull-out cutting board for easy clean-up In a Houston, Texas, kitchen designed by Michele Allman, a pull-out cutting board has a hole, which makes it easy to brush the scraps straight into the trash bin just below.

books as shelves!

Heres a clever new use for old books: Make your own book shelves in three simple steps.

wine time....

In celebration of (or wine o'clock), here’s this week’s bottle repurposing idea. (Example pictured designed by Toronto-based Fishbol.


Clever Use Of Corks! (with the small cactus and hot glued magnet on back it's a cute & simple Craft for the kids) this looks so fun. wish i have corks or small succulents to play with. this would definitely make staying in the kitchen more fun + quirky.