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a table topped with lots of food and baby products on top of a white table cloth
Money Saving Tips and Meal Plan | Friendly First Foods
a toddler sitting at a table eating food from a bowl with peas in it
The meal plan before payday - The one where we are broke and spend no money! | Friendly First Foods
Dining table in the living room ready to go in our new kitchen in a few weeks!
a meal plan with lots of vegetables and fruits in front of the menu for a child's meal
Meal Planner Templates | Friendly First Foods
I have been asked by several people now to share where I find my meal planning templates. I like to draw my own in my bullet journal each week to suit my mood and needs but I have put together some templates that are similar to my favourite layouts. I have put the PDF files on … Continue reading "Meal Planner Templates"
an open notebook with writing on it and a drawing of a tree in the middle
Our first Meal Plan for October | Friendly First Foods
Our weekend We’ve had a lovely weekend relaxing as a family. Harry loves the weekends when he has more time with Daddy and he has the biggest grin on his face when they are together. We went out for tea this evening, it was lovely to spend time talking nonsense and singing nursery rhymes with … Continue reading "Our first Meal Plan for October"
the baby - led weaning cookbook is next to an open notebook and peppers
Jen's meal plan and simple slow cooker recipe tutorials | Friendly First Foods
Jennifer is one of our lovely Friendly First Foods guest bloggers and is admin on our Facebook group. She cooks healthy, nutritious meals for her family and the children she looks after in her childminding job. Check out her meal plan and slow cooker recipes tutorials here!
a pile of food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white chair
Why you should never take your other half shopping with you! - Meal plan and shopping haul | Friendly First Foods
Hi everyone! This week we have spent a lot more on our shopping than normal. We spent approximately £75, instead of the usual £40. I'm still really pleased with what we got though (even if Alistair did sneak some bits into the trolly!)
a table topped with books and notebooks on top of a table covered in fruit
Another week, another meal plan! | Friendly First Foods
Meal planning is a new habit that is here to stay for us. I love it! It is saving us a fortune and making us eat more healthily. Check out our plan for this week here!
four pens sitting next to each other on top of a paper with the words what's for dinner?
Meal plan | Friendly First Foods
For anyone who is interested, here is our meal plan for next week. Recipes for the meals will be posted throughout the week!
a man and woman sitting next to each other at a table with a baby in front of them
Meal Plan and Aldi Food Shop | Friendly First Foods
We have had a lovely weekend this weekend, visiting family in Bristol. We had the most amazing time and Harry loved every second. It was back to reality today though and now that we have finished our cupboard cuisine challenge we needed to do some shopping! We sat down together and planned out our meals … Continue reading "Meal Plan and Aldi Food Shop"
a recipe book with the words meal planner written in green and red ink on it
Meal plan on a shopping budget of £30!! | Friendly First Foods
This week's meal plan!