Coming soon, from the makers of Merlin, BBC's Atlantis<< Great... yet ANOTHER British television series I will probably fall in love with only to have my heart ripped violently from my chest...

BBC’s Atlantis replacing Merlin. I'll have to watch to judge. I miss Merlin.


BBC Atlantis - "Curse you and curse the Gods. Do your worst.

BBC One Atlantis trailer.

Atlantis, the fantasy epic from the brains behind television epics Merlin and Misfits, has begun production for Season

Misfits and Merlin Creators Combine Forces For The BBC’s Atlantis | SFX

Ever wonder about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle? Here's some explanations for this baffling place.

Atlantis: Series 2 Extended Trailer - BBC One The trailer finished and I realized I wan't breathing

Pythagoras makes me laugh every time lol x

Atlantis | Episode 8

Crossing the desert to Helios ~ Atlantis Season 1 Episode 8

Atlantis - Episode 12 - Touched by the Gods

if you like that sort of thing. Basically, if it involves Pythagoras, I'm cool.

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