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architecture presentation layout _ Articles - STUDENTS PROJECTS - DESIGN PROJECTS - - Reformation and rehabilitation of an inactive quarry, with spatial location of uses for Tourism, Recreation and Environmental Education

Pedro Pitarch /// Archipiélago Lab - PFC ETSAM @ Madrid

Archipiélago Lab - PFC ETSAM @ Madrid // Mechanized, feels dynamic, interesting example for those who are engaging issues of logistics and industrial systems.

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Coloured pencils have been utilised here as a device for rendering. The colour not only developed the perspective of the sketch, but establishes context and mode through colour and tone. The technique used here is light shading and blending.

The RIBA President's Medals Student Awards :: 2050 Lab Home Hotel by Angela Vanezi - London South Bank University London UK

An Autocad design that was Photoshoped to enhance the clouds in the background and the lightweight of the lines though out the design.

split level design - site in another language, but I love the concept of a small living space.

Privat på få kvadrat

'Chatou' backyard-building by Architects; described as 'a living space for a teenager'. by way of.

Nice cut through perspective

This is everything that visually inspires me, an eclectic mix of Art, Architecture, Design and Photography.

Presidents Medals: The School of Recycling & Experimental Building -Cycles of Architectural Re-Configuration-

The School Of Recycling & Experimental Building - Cycles Of Architectural Re-Configuration - Andreea-Laura Nica