'Jungle Theme' Planting & Ideas

We have done this a couple of times and it never fails to have the wow effect. It's a really easy easy look to achieve, just have a go.
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Covid 19 compliant
an image of different types of ferns
Guide to Common Ferns
Key to Common Ferns - NHBS: James Merryweather
several different types of plants and vegetables with text overlay that reads 12 crops perfect for winter gardening
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several pictures of different types of plants in the garden with text that reads 12 amazing living structures you can make too
12 Living Garden Decorations & Structures to DIY! - A Piece Of Rainbow
12 Amazing Living Structures You Can Create!
a bush with pink flowers in the middle of a field
Plant | Hydrangea, Peegee, Fire Light
BORDINES Plant | Hydrangea, Peegee, Fire Light™
a lush green forest filled with lots of trees and plants on top of it's sides
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Tropical garden with birds nest tree fern (Asplenium australasicum)
a man standing in the middle of a forest with lots of green leaves on it
Angiopteris evecta Más
the flowers are blooming on the deck in the garden
urn with canna lily and wave petunia - Google Search
some plants and rocks in the grass
paprocie wśród kamieni i koszy
stone, ferns, pergola, hostas, planters
a fern grows between two large rocks
Sneak Peek: Garden Design Magazine's Wild Gardens - Gardenista
Fern Asplenium trichomanes
red and yellow leaves are growing on the plant
The World Leader in Plant Breeding
Coleus TERRA NOVA® 'Red Ripple' #2017 #NEW #annuals #coleus #terranova #eckertsgreenhouseMI
a green plant with lots of leaves in front of a rock wall and moss growing on the ground
Ostrich Fern...beautiful and the fiddleheads are edible!! I have colonies of these. They reach close to four feet in height. In the spring you can almost see them grow.